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Courtyard House, Islington

The ground floor of this Victorian terrace house was remodelled to provide a new kitchen and dining space with a strong connection to the beautiful rear garden.

Externally the form of the extension was moderated to suit the surrounding context. Against the boundary, the roof drops down to avoid an intrusion to the neighbouring property, with a glazed roof minimising its height and providing a good level of natural light of the dining table. To the rear of the extension a zinc clad bay protrudes, providing worthwhile additional internal space while still acknowledging the prevailing building line which it extends beyond.

The layout was developed around a planted courtyard, which enhances the quality of the whole of the ground floor by introducing natural light, views, and punctuation to the space.

The floor of the new space is heated with a polished concrete finish. The reveals of doors and windows and other details are finished in Oak.

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