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Tiered Garden, Tufnell Park

A custom rear garden designed for self build by the resident. The design was developed to deal with steep existing levels across the small garden and to maximise available space for planting and enjoyment of the garden, with distinct zones for added interest and to allow occupants to adjust to the sun path at different times of day. A generic shed which had formerly occupied a large portion of the garden was replaced with a bespoke design with a green roof, that sits against the angled rear wall, while also proving shading and a structure for climbing plants.

The design was developed with young children in mind, but it was decided not to include generic play equipment as this would have overwhelmed the small spaces available. Instead, the design sort to gently mediate the significant level changes that had existed previously, and implement a gently stepped design that would provide a safer landscape for children that was also dynamic and interesting for their play.

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