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10 Years, 100 Homes

Neil Kahawatte_10 Years_002.jpg

We wanted to say a very big thank you to all our clients, contractors, and collaborators from the first decade of our practice, and to mark the 100 projects that we have worked on over that period, we have created a celebratory card which incorporates a key elevation from each building.


The card comprises five streets of Neil Kahawatte Architects designed homes, which are displayed in chronological order. Each row spans around 20 of our projects and shows the homes stitched together as an imaginary terrace.

Using one of the primary tools of our craft, computer aided design (CAD) software, we took the primary elevation of each home (often the rear elevation where many of our schemes are most visible) and connected the party walls or garden boundaries of each.

Some projects such as flats are shown within much larger apartment buildings and others such as landscapes have no buildings at all. The intention was to capture a defining aspect of each scheme so that everyone can identify their own project(s).

After careful scaling, arrangement, and amalgamation, the drawing file was sent for laser cutting; a technique which gives the card its characteristic burnt edge appearance and allows us to reproduce the design as a gift.

Neil Kahawatte_10-years_006.jpg
Neil Kaahwatte_10 Years_007.png
Neil Kahawatte_10 Years_003.jpg

If you have been involved with any of these projects then we would love to offer you a copy of a relevant street of the card as a token of our appreciation. For clients and collaborators who do not have a building on the street we’d love to send you a card of this artwork too.


Please simply add your details to the delivery list using the link below.

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