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Vine House, Oxfordshire 

Replanning, extension and integration of three properties in conservation area in an Oxfordshire village. As well as a significant garden extension, the project set out to provide improved connections and circulation between three amalgamated buildings, to create a new family home. 

At the heart of the plan a new atrium provided a single point of connection between each of the three original buildings, and also between Ground and First Floor levels of the property. This glazed element helps to create a pause between the adjoining volumes of the property, and so marks the location of the historic toll road over which it is located. Flint was reclaimed from parts of the old building and re-used to face the new atrium walls.

The extension was developed to make use of lightweight materials, allowing for a quicker, easier and more cost-effective construction. These materials also helped to articulate the new elements as contemporary additions to the existing buildings.

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