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Bookend House, Highgate

The aim of this project was to greatly improve the look and function of a late C20th townhouse, with just two small additions, bookending the garden which was also replanned as part of the scheme.

The kitchen was given a small extension, which creates additional space for seating, worktops, and storage, but also greatly improves natural light levels and views to the garden.

At the opposite end of the garden a studio was built, providing a purpose-built home office and art studio. The studio utilises north facing windows and a small roof lantern to ensure a stable and balanced wash of natural light.

The site was difficult to build on, due to large tree roots and shared drainage pipes below ground. Working closely with the structural engineer, a system of mini-pile foundations and cantilevered ground slabs made it possible to build in these restricted areas without causing damage to the trees and drains, and so make best possible use of the available site.

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