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Our Purpose: Quality of Life

To create beautiful architecture, through a beautiful process, for enhanced quality of life.

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Inhabitation: Quality of life lived in your home.
Creation: Quality of life developing your home.
Environment: Quality of life surrounding your home.

Good quality architecture can enhance the lives of those who live in and engage with it, both functionally & emotionally. It can be much more than the sum of its parts, providing quality of space, function, efficiency, comfort, security, connection, beauty & delight. Our creative process is designed to understand your specific requirements and aspirations and to create a home that enhances your life.

Developing a building project can be a lengthy and complex process, but with good planning and control we can minimise the common challenges and stress these can bring. Alongside the design process used to develop the architecture of your home, we design and develop a project process; helping to make the development period a positive and constructive part of life.

Buildings and construction consume significant energy & resources. We all have a duty and opportunity to use these responsibly, to reduce, reuse, & recycle where possible, to create architecture of quality, that will last & adapt with time. This approach also brings potential to reduce cost & time of a project, and to increase your connection to the environment in which you live.

Our Approach
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Our Approach: Beautiful Architecture, Created Beautifully

There are two essential components to a beautiful project for your home; design of a building that enhances your life (the architecture) and design of the optimal system for it’s creation (the project process). We design the process for your project, as well as the architecture of your home.

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Our Architectural Approach
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Our Architectural Process

We create individual homes for our clients. Every design is unique, tailored to the opportunities and constraints of its site, the objectives and requirements of the brief, and the interests and aspirations of the clients and users. The design for your home will be developed in response to this brief and will also be underpinned by the key principles of our architectural process.

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Neil Kahawatte_Collaboration & Inclusion.png
Neil Kahawatte_Wholistic Design Hover.png
Neil Kahawatte_Wholistic Design.png
Neil Kahawatte_Efficiency & Practicality Hover.png
Neil Kahawatte_Efficiency & Practicality.png
Neil Kahawatte_Sustainability & Longevity Hover.png
Neil Kahawatte_Sustainability & Longevity.png
Neil Kahawatte_Connection to Context & Environment Hover.png
Neil Kahawatte_Connection to Context & Environment.png
Neil Kahawatte_Honest Expression of Construction Hover.png
Neil Kahawatte_Honest Expression of Construction.png
Neil Kahawatte_Elegance of Detail, Form & Structure Hover.png
Neil Kahawatte_Elegance of Detail, Form & Structure.png
Our Project Process
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Our Project Process

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Project planning is as essential to the successful creation of your home as good design and construction, so we develop a Project Plan that is reviewed and updated as we progress from concept to completion. The traditional project management triangle (Scope, Cost & Time) has been expanded with four additional key aspects (Ethics, Design, Team & Standards) to create our seven point system for a successful project.
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