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The Team

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Neil founded the practice in 2012 specialising in custom residential design. Prior to this he studied architecture at the University of Plymouth and at University College London, and worked for practices including Niall Phillips Architects in Bristol, Foster & Partners, Wright & Wright Architects and Kilburn Nightingale Architects in London. During his career Neil has worked on a wide range of architectural projects, including private homes, residential developments, museums, galleries, libraries and universities.

In parallel with his work in architectural practice, Neil has held various roles in architectural education, as a tutor, design critic, and examiner. He has worked at Oxford Brookes University, University of Westminster, and Cardiff University, and across different areas of architectural education including design, technology, communication, and professional studies. He is also a trustee of a local school with particular focus on their Grade 2 Listed premises.

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Peter’s 3D visualisation ability is a core factor in helping clients actualise their future space. He puts effort into sustainable design specifically where old materials can be saved, and the production of new ones limited. Peter’s interest in the lifecycle of a building brings value to the design. His studies in architecture have been at Central Saint Martins, the Oxford School of Architecture, and the London School of Architecture.

He has developed a sustainable checklist tool to allow clients the opportunity to improve their project. A prime example is his most recent delivery of a project with an air source heat pump with involvement from concept to completion. Green architecture is clearly a key element of design for Peter as well as connecting natural elements through lightwells and courtyards.

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Abi is interested in residential architecture with a focus on promoting communities. Abi has completed her studies at UWE and aims to promote sustainable thinking from concept to completion. She has spent time in The Gambia designing and building a food kiosk made from plastic eco bricks and upcycled materials and is continuing to achieve environmentally friendly design at NKA.

She has also spent time designing and building an installation at The Eden project to raise awareness about the English Honeybee. She has been involved in a number of projects to which she always endeavours to provide the client with a resolved design for their home in an environmentally positive way.

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Felix’s interest in landscape focus’ on overcoming internal limitations of space by removing interior and exterior boundaries and connecting them through design. There is a realisation that both spaces have an impact, and neither should be designed independently of the other. After completing his studies at Oxford Brookes University and the Royal College of Art, Felix has continued to help clients increase their utilised space through bringing the outside in.

He has been involved in a number of projects in Oxfordshire and has seen them through phases 1, 2 and 3. His love for the process of making and materiality has translated into helping the practice on a number of live builds and ad-hoc projects.

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Iman has a specific interest in digital marketing and finding innovative ways to develop client experience. She has a background in Interior Design and Fashion with a common interest of materials and sourcing in a sustainable way. Interior design is something she naturally takes an interest in, especially the specification of finishes, fixtures and fittings is another. She has studied Interior Architecture at the Oxford School of Architecture as well as a short course at Central Saint Martins.

Her recent focus on producing the ‘10 years’ card is an example of how her creative interests extend further than architecture. She is always looking for ways to express her creativity through marketing, graphic design and web design such as our NKA website updates and other things to come soon. 

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